Rotary Champagne

Rotary and Rotaract, together with Districts 1810 and 1730 and other partners, are launching a limited edition “Rotary Champagne de la Paix et de l’Amitié.”. The champagne is already known to many, especially through the New Year’s concerts of the RC E-Club Cologne. To order the champagne, you can place orders for champagne boxes (of 6 bottles each) yourself. Bitte klicken Sie dafür auf den Tab Bestellung, füllen das angehängte Excel aus und schicken es bitte an Rotarier Schäfer ( If you want to order centrally for the club, please enter all relevant orderers, incl. Adresses. Orders from non-rotarians are also welcome.

The essential aspect of this project is the charitable purpose behind it. In addition to the price of 150 euros per box, an additional donation of 100 euros is requested to support projects to help Ukrainian refugees in Moldova. The donation is tax deductible in Germany. You are also welcome to donate EUR 50 more to round up to a donation volume of EUR 150 per box. Two tasting boxes of EUR 150 each can be purchased per club, in which case an additional donation of EUR 50 will be deducted from one box.

In principle, donations separate from the offer are also possible in the event that the projects appeal, but alcohol is not an issue.

As announced, we have raffled off 3×1 cartons of champagne below for donations of 150 euros or more.
The winners will be informed individually. Congratulations!

Both the RC E-Club Moldova International and the local Caritas organization have already carried out successful projects in this regard. The Rotary Club, for example, with 2 Global Grants with a total volume of 150,000 USD, in which more than 15 clubs worldwide were involved. The projects focused on the construction of modern sanitary facilities in schools and the provision of necessary medicines and medical equipment.

Plans are to work with Caritas to help house and care for refugees in centers and families, provide medical and psychological care, homeschool children, and offer school and recreational activities. In a 2nd project, an environmentally friendly crèche for refugee children is to be built so that the parents can work. Another project with RC E-Club Moldova International focuses on helping children by building experimental laboratories for biology and chemistry in the needy schools of the country.

All depending on the amount of donations that you, dear Rotarian friends, can generously generate by buying the Rotary champagne for yourself and for your friends.

Left to right: Rüdiger Tiedemann RC E-Club Cologne, Geta Gesiuc, Rotary Moldova, Robert Bossmann, RC Leverkusen-Rhein-Wupper, and six Rotary champagne varieties.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the online store of the winemaker, nor for the processing of the order and the quality of the products.

Our projects in detail

Back story:

The Moldova Help Project was initiated in 1994 by Rotaract and Rotary.

(a) Initiated by Priest Karl-Balkenhol, Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Meinerzhagen, Timothy Kaufmann as District Representative in District 1900 – today Rotary Club of Hockenheim, and Robert Bossmann, today Rotary Club of Leverkusen-Rhein-Wupper

(b) Started during the big flood in Moldova in 1994

(c) Distribution by Caritas Moldova

(d) First aid for flood victims (medicine, food, clothes)

(e) From 1995 aid for infrastructure (hospital, soup kitchen, children’s home, school, etc.)

(f) From 1996 more transition to development aid

(g) By the end of the 1990s, aid is discontinued due to deteriorating political conditions

(h) Revived in March 2022 as aid to Ukrainian refugees


Hours worked approx. 15,000

Kilometers driven approx. 160,000

Material deliveries approx. 4 mio.

Care for Ukrainian refugee children

Providing refugee children and their families with food, clothing, shelter and medicine.

Since the beginning of the war, Caritas Internationalis and its members have helped some 5.3 million people in countries that have welcomed Ukrainian refugees.

“In Moldova, the geographic focus of humanitarian assistance is in and around the capital Chisinau, where many refugees have arrived and stayed. Caritas Moldova has provided protection services to 135,000 beneficiaries. 34,300 food and other items delivered; 22,600 received health and psychosocial support; shelter was provided for 10,900; and 2,700 washing items were distributed.”

This describes the assistance provided in Moldova. For more information, please visit:

We will continue to support Caritas with this ongoing assistance.

Design and construction of environmentally friendly, green nurseries for children before kindergarten.

Design and construction of environmentally friendly, green nurseries for children before kindergarten.

This is planned as a lighthouse and blueprint project in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. Several goals are pursued:
To create a crèche as an institution that does not yet exist in Moldova.
To show the advantages of a nursery – for example, to give mothers the freedom to work and to initiate other similar projects in the country.
At the same time, refugee children and their families will be supported.
Finally, it will be a modern, friendly and environmentally friendly building equipped with the latest technology such as solar energy, waste management, etc.

Construction of modern school laboratories

Construction of modern school laboratories for chemistry and biology.

This is a Global Grant project with RC Eferding, Austria
as sponsor, and the RC E-Club Moldova International
as host.
The application will be launched in 2023. Both clubs have experience with global grants, RC Eferding with three grants for African schools and RC Moldova International with two grants for children in Moldova, both Ukrainian refugees and Moldovans.

One of these grants in Moldova was a project to build modern sanitation facilities for schools. After these were built in several schools, the project will be continued by the State of Moldova using the existing facilities as a blueprint. The budget was 92,000 USD.

It is the same with the planned project. Laboratories in schools for teaching chemistry and biology will increase the knowledge of all school children, both Ukrainian refugee children and children from Moldova. The volume of money will be comparable with the project for sanitary facilities.

Your Contact

Dr. Rüdiger Tiedemann
Rotary Club E-Club Köln D1810,
Club Coordinator Champagne Project